what's your style profile

Punk Luxe

You've got some attitude and you're proud of it! You're able to rock both your feminine style and mysteriousness with leather, studs and skulls! You like to be unique, so your accessories combine both both glamour and edge!

Flirty and Feminine

You have a classic style with a modern twist and dress lady-like with a sentuous undertone. To complement your style check out our delicate, dangling and sexy accessories!

Bold and Beautiful

You're a jet-setter and stand out not only because of your trendy style, but because of your confidence too! Work it with our chic accessories that are guaranteed to turn heads and receive compliments- something you are very used to!

Going Wild

You walk on the wild side and are not afraid of experimenting and trying new things! Your into animal prints and allow the animal in you to come out by sporting lions, tigers and bears (oh my) and everything in between!

Luck by Amulet

You have a classic and elegant style with an natural twist. You may wear hemp, but don't let that fool anyone- you are just as fashion forward as the next woman. You don accessories that cater to your mood and whims!