Spring is finally here, the question is, what to wear?

Spring is here and so are the latest fashion trends from Glamour Magazine.  I am excited for where we are going as a fashion industry and look forward to breaking out the new trends as I am sure you will be as well.  To sum up a few hot trends that Glamour Magazine brought our way, check out below!

1.    One super hot trend that has come all the way back from the 80's is polo shirts.  If you are like me and hold onto your clothes, knowing one day they will come back, then break out the box and grab those Ralph Lauren and Lacoste polo shirts that have been itching to be worn. This is their season to shine once again!  For us girls that like to rock the sport look, this is the perfect item to add to your wardrobe.  I love this sophisticated, sport look that is timeless. Pair this shirt with a cute mini skirt or colored short to give it that sporty yet feminine look. Another take on the polo that you will see this season is the polo dress.  You can always dress this up with a simple statement belt or some sexy heels to create a 'more than sporty' look.

2.    A second hot trend for this season is to show a little shoulder one again.  Hopefully lifting all of those red wine bottles this past winter has buffed up those biceps because you are going to have a chance to show them off!  Rocking the one should look is always sexy and fun.  Not into the full shoulder reveal?  No worries, the peek-a-boo shoulder is also still around so if you don't like to go all out just give a little flirt instead. Both of these looks are very versatile and can be dressed up for a night out on the town with a hint of sexy.  You can also pair with a pencil skirt for a workday outfit that will immediately transform to a happy hour outfit once the blazer comes off.  Don't forget to include some amazing dangling earrings to draw attention to that shoulder of yours!

3.    Yet one more hot fashion for this season is head to toe white.  The simplicity of head to toe white is absolutely stunning!  The post labor day law of no white is no longer valid. Celebrate and enjoy because white is now an all season color!  The difference between your winter whites and your spring/summer whites lies in the fabric and texture of the fabric.  For Spring and Summer, keep it light and simple.  Another great thing is that whites are so universally acceptable that mixing off whites with pure whites is no longer a problem. The best thing about the head to toe white trend is that you have all of the freedom in the world when it comes to accessorizing so have fun!

4.    Blue and white is now the new black and white, if not trendier so now you are no longer limited.  Have fun with this one because you can interchange prints, mix different solids, and textures of each color.  Because we are working with simple colors, go crazy with accessories!  You can add anything with any bold color and it will make the entire outfit pop!  Going for a bold statement?  Add a wild necklace that says “WOW!” to the mix.  Just be careful not to clash your blues though.  To be safe, work with pinks, reds and yellows if you want to add an element to your blue and white outfit.  They will be the perfect compliment.

Don't let the cold freeze your style!

Brrr... It's cold out there!  In these sub-zero temperatures, many find it difficult to both, stay warm and sexy!  But fear not, it is possible!  Below are some tips on how to keep cozy and stylish!

1) Scarves

A simple sweater or sweater dress can be dressed up with a trendy scarf that adds an accent pattern or contrasting color to add some dimension to your outfit, while keep you warm!  Use one that you can keep on indoors so you can maintain your fashionable look both inside and out.  Here are some ideas on how to add some style with a scarf: Lace scarf, skull scarf (this can help add a little edge too), scarf with a contrasting color, scarf with a contrasting texture (chunky knit, or leather accented), fur scarf (for some sophistication and chicness). 

2) Stockings/Tights

Keep your legs warm when wearing a dress or a skirt with stockings. Try some printed stockings or tights with a solid color dress, or go simple and put on some solid stockings with a printed dress.  Feeling daring?  Since prints on prints are in, you can also wearings printed bottoms with a printed dress or top- why not!  All of the above will keep you toasty and trendy!  Pair your stockings with some knee high boots for even more insulation and style! 


3) Capes

Capes are all the rage these days.  They add a mysterious and sexy look to a simple outfit.  These are best outfitted when you'll be outdoors for an extended period of time, as it'll keep you pretty warm!  Throw this on over a dress or winter top/pant combo and remove once indoors for a grand reveal!  Click through to check out some other styles suggested by NY Magazine.  

4) Accessories

My personal favorite regardless of the season!  You can accessorize with a statement necklace, stacking bracelets, leather gloves, a knitted hat or cinch off a dress or tunic top with a stand-out belt!  The possibilities are endless when it comes to accessories, but what's even better, they won't break the bank.  So you can stock up on them to add a some pizzazz to your winter outfits, and feel free to interchange different accessories with different outfits to achieve the look you're feeling that day!  Check out the refinery 29 link for some inspiration!

Making a statement at your holiday party

With the holidays upon us, our schedules are filled- from holiday parties at friends' places to the annual office party.  Each occasion calls for a specific and distinct outfit- but whether it's casual for a friends place, or professional for an office party- you still want to make a statement.  But how? 

For office parties, stick with something simple and play it up by accessorizing with statement jewelry.  

Check out some of the suggestions from inStyle Magazine: 


Simple, sophisticated, yet eye catching! 

For a more casual setting, you can experiment in any way!  Metallics are very hot this winter (no pun intended)- so bring out the bling and sparkles!  Pair a sequin shirt with a pair of jeans and cuff bracelet, or a metallic skirt with a black crew neck sweater.  The possibilities are endless!  Not into metallics?  Play the part of snow queen by donning an all winter white outfit with pops of color by accessorizing with necklaces, bracelet and/or clutches.  Just be sure to stay away from the red wine! Click through for some visuals from inStyle Magazine.  


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