about maccimize

Style is a statement. It’s also an invitation.

That gorgeous, glittery cocktail ring you wear on Friday nights when you're feeling on top of the world? It makes the statement: “I’m fabulous.”

But life isn’t that simple. And transitions can take work. What we need is the ability to maximize our wardrobes so that we can move from daytime to evening with the drop of a hat. Our style should say “I worked all day at the office in this jacket and skirt. Then I slipped off the jacket, slipped on this ring, and slipped into this hot spot right here. Seamlessly. Effortlessly. With maximum style.”

Because that says “talk to me”. And people do. They notice you, approach you, talk to you, and remember you, because with that signature piece – whether it's classic studs, striking chandelier earrings, or a delicate lariat bracelet – you're painting an inviting picture of who you are and where you're going.

You could be going to work. The park. A party. Maybe all three, back-to-back. A quick switch of accessories should take one outfit from place to place. Simply and stylishly.

Stylish accessories. Maximum presence. Maccimize.

That’s what we do. Maccimize creates a collection of vivid, inventive accessories to accent your individual style without having to have double the wardrobe.

So Go Ahead, Maccimize.

Browse the entire Maccimize collection or let us do the work for you. We’ll identify your personal style with our Style Profile and as we get new pieces in, we'll send you suggestions that are hand picked for you.

It's like having a personal stylist on staff, and it's just one more way Maccimize helps you maximize your time, budget and style.

And to maccimize your current style knowledge, we've stocked our blog with even more style tips and picks from our fashion-forward friends, industry experts, and you! We adore it when you leave comments or questions about fashion, accessories, and accessories that you’d like to see in our online shop.

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